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Psychological Safety at Work

Some key learnings in this blog from Cindy Turner.


Be with me: Heidegger in the age of the smartphone

Heidegger and the Digital Age

Philosophy for change

It is early morning. A chorus of birds filters through an open window. A young woman lies in bed with her boyfriend. It is a quotidian scene, almost perfect, yet something is off. The boyfriend is checking his smartphone, a web-enabled device. In this moment, his attention is elsewhere. Cut to the outdoors: the couple are getting ready to go jogging. The boyfriend is still caught up with his phone. She waits while he chatters to a friend. Cut to the woman lunching with friends of her own. There is real social chemistry here, a buzz of laughter and conversation. But the others soon start thumbing through screens, engaging with their phones. The young woman has forgotten hers. Her expression, as she looks about the table, is worried as much as reproachful.

Where are you, my friends? Why can’t we just be together?

‘I Forgot My Phone’ is a gem –…

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Hour of the mayfly: life and death the Existentialist way

Thought- provoking piece, as always, from Tim Rayner.

Philosophy for change

thinredlineEver stared death in the eye? If you’ve not had the pleasure, like Pfc. Don Doll here in this shot from Terence Malik’s Thin Red Line, I recommend a thought experiment. Imagine that, right now, you are teletransported to the heart of a military conflict. Ker-bang. One moment you are surfing the internet, next moment you are knee deep in the mud with bullets hissing through the elephant grass about you. An explosion thows you down. Shit is real. You could be dead in an instant.

You want to run, cry, call for your mother. But there is no escape. You crouch low in the grass, taking deep breaths. Yout heart is booming in your chest. You are alive – for the moment. This simple truth has enveloped your entire consciousness. How strange it is that you didn’t reflect on this before, you think. Why, all your life, you’ve…

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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my new Blog. My aim is to use this blog to document, reflect on and challenge the world of executive coaching and leadership. Having spent a considerable amount of my career in leadership roles I wanted to step back and look at what I’ve learned so far. There are so many lessons that I’ve learned but never took the time to document. I also wanted to capture my learning from my current work as a coach where I am working closely with a variety of different companies, clients and challenges. I would never compromise confidentiality so any of the contributions that appear in this blog will be appropriately edited and homogenized. I want to distill our the generic learnings and themes rather than look at case studies. Overall I really want the blog to be a resource for coaches, leaders and managers. Being a Leader or Manager isn’t easy; the challenges are enormous and ever-shifting. Sometimes a little reflection time can provide that all important impetus to find that creative spark or re-frame a seemingly hopeless situation.

I hope you find the blog interesting, challenging and engaging.



Billy Byrne